Sunday, August 1, 2010

Role of human being in maintaining the balance of nature

Human being are a part of the ecosystem. Human beings interact with the ecosystem to obtain food, water and other resources. Human activities have consequences on the ecosystem. We have the intelligence and the means to exploit the environment to our advantage.In doing so, we may upset the balance of nature.It is the moral duty of everybody to look after the environment and ensure that every species has the right to live in harmoniously with the environment.If the environment deteriorates, the survival of humans and other living organisms will be seriously threatened.

The importance of maintaining a stable, productive and balanced ecosystem.
1)      A stable, productive and balanced ecosystem ensures a harmonious life.
2)     A productive  ecosystem means that the level of biodiversity is high and there is a large number of organisms. This, in turn, provides a lot of resources for human beings.
3)     A stable ecosystem means that natural resources are still available and the destruction of natural habitats does not take place. This will provide humans with various resources such as timber, fuels, raw materials and water.
4)     A balanced ecosystem means that each individual species lives harmoniously with one another. The presence of one species will not create problems for another species. There will not be depletion of any resources. Pollution will be kept to a minimum.
5)     An ecosystem like this will enable future generations inherit God’s wonderful gifts.  

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