Saturday, July 31, 2010

Conservation and Preservation

Conservation and preservation are two responsibilities that go in tandem. We cannot conserve without making an effort to preserve, and we cannot preserve if we do not learn to conserve. Conservation and preservation are means to protect the ecosystem from destruction, prevent the natural resources from depletion, and maintain the population of endangered species.
1)      Conservation and preservation  involve our active participantion.
2)     Conservation and preservation:
a.      Allow future generation to learn, appreciate and understand how animals and plants struggle to survive under the pressure of environmental changes.
b.      Prevent the extinction of plants and animal.
c.       Discourage humans from destroying natural habitats when they are exploiting natural resources.
The importance of conservation and preservation of living organisms.
1)      Conservation and preservation ensure that we continue to get our foodstaples like vegetables fruits, rice, cereals, poultry, meat and fishes.
a)     Conservation refers to the intelligent, careful and systematic use of resources without bringing any harm to living organisms in the environment.
b)     Preservation refers to the measures taken to keep living things and their environment in their original and balanced state.
2)     Both efforts allow us to continue using natural resources like petroleum, natural gas and timber.
3)     These two measures ensure that we continue to get clean water and fresh, clean air.
4)     Conservation and preservation efforts will ensure that we have a favourable climate to live in.
5)     They ensure that future generations will have the chance to enjoy beaches and forests. Wildlife and exotic plants will continue to exist.

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